Forensic Background Information

Jerry Zerg

Is qualified as an expert due to his knowledge, skill, experience, training and education.

Is a current practicing professional in all of his disciplines.

Has been court qualified as an expert witness in all of his disciplines.

Has served as an expert witness in cases that required multi-discipline expertise.

His forensic services are approximately 35% of his professional practice.

His professional practice began in 1959. His forensic services started in 1981.

His forensic services have been approximately 50% for Plaintiff and 50% for Defendant.

Has testified in approximately 115 trials, 280 depositions and 25 arbitrations and mediations.

Has testified in Federal Court and State Court in many venues.

Is a post-graduate teacher that has the experience and ability to describe technical issues credibly and with clarity and brevity.

Is a community and civic leader that has the skill and experience to convince others of the validity of his positions and opinions.

Forensic Duties and Practice

Jerry Zerg will

Formulate and express his opinions with honesty, clarity and due care.

Read, analyze and/or review all documents supplied by Client in a timely manner.

Carry out his and his staff’s services in a prompt and cost effective professional manner.

Notify Client immediately if conflicts- of-interest are discovered that may preclude further involvement.

Provide assistance in the preparation of questions on technical matters prior to and at deposition or at trial.

Point out the strength and weaknesses of opposing counsel’s positions.

Be available for services or work during evenings and weekends, if needed.

Submit drafts of expert reports for review without changing expert opinions.

Render opinions in areas only where he is qualified and which are based on known facts that can be substantiated.

Render opinions that may be subject to modification as a result of new or additional information.

Subscribe to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 26 and Federal Rules of Evidence Rule 702.

Jerry Zerg expert witness and forensic consultant in architecture, construction, landscaping, furnishings, interior design, store planning, safety, lighting, building inspection, specifications & project management.

Jerry Zerg, President

United Design Associates, Inc.

529 North Highland Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90036



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